Program for Research on Elevated Convection with
              Intense Precipitation

Study Area

Study area defined from the study by Colman
                (1990). PRECIP Study Area
Plot of the number of elevated thunderstorms (reports/station) identified over a 4-year period (September 1978-August 1982); reproduced from Colman (1990).  The orange block is the PRECIP targeted study area. Zoomed plot of study area (eastern Kansas and western Missouri) and several of the NWS WSR-88D Doppler radar sites in the region with range circles every 100 km: Topeka, Kansas (TWX); Pleasant Hill, Missouri (EAX); Springfield, Missouri (SGF); Tulsa, Oklahoma (KINX); Wichita, Kansas (KICT); and also St. Louis, MO (KLSX).  Red shading indicates regions where radars overlap at 100 km.