Trafic Hazards

  1. Buckle up!
  2. Do not exceed the speed limit, especially in dangerous weather conditions.
  3. If you are driving, watch the road, not the storm! Front seat passenger should also watch for hazards.
  4. Watch for debris, such as downed power lines, fallen trees, etc.
  5. Be careful at railroad crossings.
  6. Check fuel level often.
  7. If you are passing through a town that just experienced a tornado, stay clear of the emergency vehicles. Don't hamper their efforts.

Storm Hazards

  1. Pay attention to lightning!
  2. Stay in vehicle if possible, and don't be the tallest thing around.
  3. Have an escape route in case the storm turns on you.
  4. Do not core punch. This means driving through the heaviest rain and hail. You may drive straight into the tornado.
  5. Watch out for debris thrown from tornadoes.
  6. Don't get caught underneath a wall cloud.
  7. What ever you do, do not drive into running water!! Many people die needlessly because they thought they could get across.
These are just the basics. Following these rules can prevent injury or death during a storm chase.
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