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We have invested a great deal of time and resources to create laboratories for our students, which serve the trimuvirate of acdemic goals: education, research, and outreach. Students in the MDG use these Departmental resources liberally.



The Weather Analysis and Visualization (WAV) Laboratory is housed in Room 1-120 of the Agriculture Building. Thw WAV Lab is home to nearly 20 Unix and Linux machines, running the LDM, GEMPAK, and the IDV, as well as WDSS, MatLab, and a host of other software packages.


South Farm ACES Facility

The Atmospheric and Climatic Experimentation Station (ACES) is located on the University of Missouri's South Farm, a few miles southeast of Columbia. ACES houses the MU mobile rawinsonde system when it is not deployed in the field. ACES is also home to a Missouri Climate Center mesonet station.


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