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Previous work

Below is a listing of selected publications produced in whole or in part by members of the Mesoscale Dynamics Group:

Market, P.S., S.M. Rochette, and A. R. Lupo, 2013: A comparison of modern and historical methods for calculating Montgomery Steamfunction. Atmospheric Science Letters, 14, 41-44. doi: 10.1002/asl.414

Market, P.S., K. Crandall, and R. Rauber, 2012: High-resolution rawinsonde observations of the cold-sector precipitation regions in transient mid- latitude extratropical cyclones. National Weather Digest, 36(1), 3-8.

Rochette, S. M., and P. S. Market, 2011: A case study of an anomalous cold-season easterly jet streak in the mid-latitudes. Electronic Journal of Operational Meteorology, 2011-EJ6.

Neto, G. D., P. S. Market, A. E. Becker, B. Pettegrew, C. Melick, C. Schultz, P.I. Buckley, J. V. Clark, A. R. Lupo, R. Holle, N. Demetriades, and C. E. Barbieri, 2009:  A comparison of two cases of low-latitude thundersnow.  Atmosfera, 22(3), 315-330. 

Pettegrew, B. P., P. S. Market, R. A. Wolf, R. L. Holle, and N. W. S. Demetriades, 2009:  A case study of severe winter convection.  Wea.
Forecasting, 24, 121-139. 

Market, P.S., and A. E. Becker, 2009:  A study of lightning flashes attending periods of banded snowfall.  Geophys. Res. Lett., 36, L01809,
doi: 10.1029/2008GL036317

Melick, C.J., L.L. Smith, B.P. Pettegrew, A.E. Becker, P.S. Market, and A.R. Lupo, 2008:  Investigation of stability characteristics of cold-season precipitation events by utilizing the growth rate parameter.
J. Geophys. Res.-Atmos., 113, D08108, doi:10.1029/2007JD009063.

Market, P.S., R. L. Ebert-Cripe, M. Bodner, 2007:  Case study of a long-lived thundersnow event.  Nat. Wea. Dig., 31(2), 103-119.  Corrigendum, 32(1), 77-86.

Anip, M. H. M., and P.S. Market, 2007:  Dominant factors influencing precipitation efficiency in a continental mid-latitude location.  Tellus, 59A, 122-126.   doi: 10.1111/j.1600-0870.2006.00208.x.

Rochette, S.M., and P.S. Market, 2006: A primer on the ageostrophic wind. Nat. Wea. Dig., 30, 17-28.

Crowe, C. C., P. S. Market, B. P. Pettegrew, C. J. Melick, and J. Podzimek, 2006:  An investigation of thundersnow and deep snow accumulations.
Geophys. Res. Lett., 33, L24812, doi: 10.1029/2006GL028214.

Market, P.S., A.M. Oravetz, D. Gaede, E. Bookbinder, A.R. Lupo, C.J. Melick, L.L. Smith, R.S. Thomas, R. Redburn, B.P. Pettegrew, and A.E. Becker, 2006:  Proximity soundings of thundersnow in the central United States. J. Geophys. Res.-Atmos., 111, D19208, doi:10.1029/2006JD007061

Market, P.S., R.W. Przybylinski, and S.M. Rochette, 2006:  The role of evaporative cooling in a late-season Midwestern snow event.  Wea. Forecasting, 21, 364-382.

Market, P.S., S.N. Allen, R. Scofield, R. Kuligowski, A. Gruber, 2003: Precipitation efficiency of warm-season Midwestern mesoscale convective systems.  Wea. Forecasting, 18, 1273-1285.

Halcomb, C.E., and P.S. Market, 2003:  Forcing, instability, and equivalent potential vorticity in a Midwestern U.S. convective snowstorm. Meteor. Apps., 10, 273-280.

Market, P.S., C.E. Halcomb, and R.L. Ebert, 2002:  A climatology of thundersnow events over the contiguous United States.  Wea. Forecasting, 17, 1290-1295.

Market, P.S., and D. Cissell, 2002:  Formation of a sharp snow gradient in a Midwestern heavy snow event.  Wea. Forecasting, 17, 723-738.

Market, P.S., S.N. Allen, C.E. Halcomb, M.D. Chambers, C.W. Ratley, B. Bailey, N. Mikulas, L. Pacini, M. Stueve, S. Thompson, and A. Kunz, 2001:  Convective initiation within a warm sector cloud band.  Elec. J. Oper. Meteor., found at .

Market, P.S., J.T. Moore, and S.M. Rochette, 2000:  On calculating vertical motion in isentropic coordinates.  Nat. Wea. Dig., 24(4), 31-37.


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