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Our work

The Mesoscale Dynamics Group has been active at MU for over 10 years, working primarily on issues related to heavy snowfall and heavy rainfall and improvements in their prediction. In the past, we have run or been associated with the Research on Convective Snow (ROCS) and Profiling of Winter Storms (PLOWS) projects. Currrently, we are engaged in the Program for Research on Elevated Convection with Intense precipitation (PRECIP).

Work on some seasonal range forecasting issues with Dr. Lupo has been facilitated by EPSCoR funding.


Group Members

Dr. Patrick Market, PI

Katie Crandall, PhD Student

Josh Kastman, PhD Student

Adam Hirsch, M.S. Student

Alzina Foscto, M.S. Student

Chasity Henson, M.S. Student

Amanda Cooley, M.S. Student

Chelsy Richley, M.S. Student

Katie Wunsch, Undergraduate Student

Luke Victor, Undergraduate Student

James Farley, Undergraduate Student

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